Multi App Integration Toolbox



Aardvark is a framework for building augmented reality "gadgets" that run on top of virtual reality experiences. Gadgets are constructed using a bunch of custom React components and run in the Aardvark application. Gadgets use these components to show interactive models, 2D UI, or other stuff that will draw on top of any VR applications you run. You can attach these gadgets to your hands and bring them with you in your favorite VR apps.

Find out more and get started with Aardvark here, and check out this playlist for helpful videos on setting up and running Aardvark:

The Aardvark Slack is extremely welcoming and highly recommended to join if you’re developing Aardvark gadgets or interested in doing so.

Important distinction: while Aardvark gadgets are written in Javascript, React and Typescript, they compile to OpenVR and are _not _based in WebXR.

The Pluto Gadget

Aardvark provides mechanisms that let a user share their local gadgets with other people they are interacting with in VR. Follow the steps in this document to transform your local gadget into a shared, multi-user experience powered by Pluto!