Multi App Integration Toolbox

Misc. Tools

OBS + OpenVR

A free, open source software and the accompanying VR plugin used for recording and live streaming.

Why you need it:

Once you create an OpenVR scene in OBS, you’ll be able to easily stream and record VR experiences.

How to get it:

See setup documentation here.

OVR ToolKit

A SteamVR overlay that allows you to view, configure and interact with your desktop windows in a layout of your choosing.

Why you need it:

OVR Toolkit makes multitasking between desktop and VR simple and fast.

How to get it:

Purchase and download OVR Toolkit on Steam.

OVR Advanced Settings

A dashboard application that enables more customization options for in-VR settings, including movement, room setup, audio, and visuals.

Why you need it:

With OVR Advanced Settings, users are able to navigate virtual spaces without the need of “in game” movement mechanics - demonstrating the potential value of a shared spatial coordinate system.

How to get it:

OVR Advance Settings is free to download on Steam.